Hi friends! My name is Henie Natalia and I am your Teen Miss Brampton 2022! I was raised in Brampton and am currently a high school student here in this fine city! I am an Indian classical dancer, a pianist, a DJ, and an advocate for women’s education rights. Throughout my reign, I have been spreading awareness about different world issues and initiatives in need of support, especially the lack of female education in developing countries. With both my parents being immigrants and having educational opportunities both here in Canada and back in their home country, I made it my mission and platform to help young kids, specifically females, that aren’t given that same privilege.

Most frequently, I have been doing charity work to raise money and awareness for young girls that have been out of school in Afghanistan due to the recent war. I have hosted fundraisers such as my “Bright Minds Bottle Drive,” to help raise funds for the Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan non-profit organization. Over the course of the next year, I hope to use my title and platform to continue tackling international issues within women’s education and hope to inspire other folks to learn about the lack of female education rights in developing countries. My goals are to speak to and get younger kids involved in these types of initiatives, as the youth are the next generation to help work for a better tomorrow and brighter, more educated future.

As Bob Marley once said, “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.” I love to use this quote in reference to life. Let’s free ourselves from the individualistic world and look at greater issues that lack importance. Let’s encourage volunteerism and look at real problems that are impacting the human race and the physical world. I hope that I can inspire Brampton residents to create change in their own ways, and find causes that they are passionate about to help build a stronger, inclusive, and more equitable society.