Amira is six years old.  She is the oldest of 2 sisters and loves being the big sister.  She is very helpful and loves to bake and assist with dinner prep.  Amira has a love for school!

She began her journey as an actress at 3 years old appearing in magazines, movies and multiple runway shows.  Pageantry is relatively new to Amira but it has been a blessing and opportunity for growth for Amira socially, mentally and emotionally.  

Since becoming Petite Miss Brampton, Amira has been enjoying attending many different events in her community.  She has helped her pageant sister and friend complete a teddy bear drive to donate teddy bears to Brampton Civic Hospital.  Seeing what her friend was able to accomplish lit a fire in her to start her own drive for the homeless.  She was able to enlist the help of her entire school and local businesses to help out this great cause.

Amira plans to continue to evolve and grow and do much more good work in her community.   
Aleecia is 7 years old and has lived in Brampton from day one.  She enjoys dance, gymnastics, pageants and shopping.  her favorite things to do is draw, bake and play with her dolls.  When she grows up she hopes to become a teacher.

As an official Brampton titleholder, Aleecia hopes to make a difference in the lives of others living in her community.  Through food drives, helping the homeless and visiting senior homes she hopes to put a smile on their faces.

Aleecia's motto is that we need to be kind to make our world a better place.