Mackenzie is a 19 year old Brampton resident.  She is a freshman at Sheridan College, studying Practical Nursing and will graduate in April 2021.

As the City's Official Miss Brampton, Mackenzie is able to better serve her city in a variety of ways, including supporting local events and encouraging more residents to participate in what this city has to offer.  In the past she has attended many fundraising and charity programs.  She is passionate about community service and believes that everyone should get involved in some way.

She cares deeply for helping others, and strives to make better opportunities for her community, especially in the healthcare setting.  Mackenzie recognizes that ever person has different needs and should be allowed the opportunity to seek change in their community.  She advocates for equality and every person having a voice no matter what their appearance, race or religion.

Throughout the year, she hopes to hold a fundraiser supporting a local charity and bring more awareness to her cause.  Mackenzie is looking forward to attending celebratory days such as; Canada Day, Carabram, Lucas Holtom Carnival and the Brampton Fall Fair just to name a few.  In this diverse city she hopes to meet as many residents as possible during her reign and incite them to be active members in their community.