Tattianna is 11 years old and loves school.  She is full of life and love; she adds passion to everything she attempts and is usually successful because of her tenacity.

No stranger to pageantry, Tattianna was only 5 years old when she competed and won her first pageant.

She is a dedicated advocate for her community and loves to give back.  She started a Teddy Bear drive in which she donated 300 teddy bears along with her pageant sisters and donated them to our local hospital.  As an official Brampton Titleholder, Tattianna will continue to bring attention to bullying and exclusion, promote acceptance and inclusion.

She loves dancing, modelling and gymnastics and hopes to have a career on tv one day.

For although we are all different petals we are all one of the same flower which is a true representation of of her title and that is the platform she is passionate about.


Gurman is 13 years old.  She is proud to have the title of Teen Miss Brampton.   A competitive dancer, she also enjoys acting, playing the harmonium, taking boxing lessons and sports.

When she gets older shes wishes to become a dance teacher and open her own dance studio.  She would like to share her love of dance with others and watch them succeed in what they love to do.

She is honored to represent a diverse and amazing city.  For Gurman, this title has opened many new opportunities.  She hopes to speak to the residents of Brampton about their everyday issues so that together they can make Brampton a better and safer place.  She hopes to empower other young girls and inspire them to step out of their comfort zone and to follow their dreams no matter how impossible they may seem.

Gurman wishes to use this opportunity to also explore other areas of Brampton, meet new people, try new things and gain more knowledge of her City.

She looks forward to having fun with her fellow titleholders, make lasting memories and see what this year has in store!