Karen R.

I am very honoured to capture the title of Elite Ms. Brampton 2018-2019.

I’m a proud mother of 3 beautiful children who finds joy in caring for other people’s children and being involved in the community.
Brampton became my official place of residency in 2003 and it’s because of its diverse nature I can’t relocated. I adore this beautiful city because to me there’s a City - country feel (Best of both worlds); also I embrace the fact that Brampton is an amazing place to raise children - there is a lot for families to do.
During my reign I plan on making a difference by getting more immersed in community involvement by joining forces with different charities within the city like Regeneration, Big Brother Big sister Club, The kidney foundation fundraisers , Habitat for Humanity, women shelter, homeless shelter, participate in local events and as an immigrant, I will help new comers Domestic or international to feel welcome,Settle and direct them to resources that will assist with their transition.
As a Certified Early Childhood Educator and an experienced Social Service Worker, my ultimate goal is to liaison with Childcare Agencies that focuses on the needs of children and implement ways to support all children and families in need. I hope to partner with individuals to help raise awareness about all kinds of Child Abuse including Parental Alienation which is on my top list.
I am elated to be Crowned Elite Ms. Brampton and looking ahead, I hope to inspire many individuals and make many contributions in my great city, Brampton during my reign and beyond!
I believe in inclusion, Equality and profound respect for all; therefore, as Elite Ms Brampton I make it my mission to educate individuals about the importance of accepting each other for who we are.